Hello Lovely Lady, The 7 Steps to a BadAss Bussiness Course for Women Entrepreneurs is a FREE course for women who want to jump start a business!  Each day for the next 7 days, you will receive in your email inbox a lesson.

This course is designed to fast track you into starting your business - your BadAss Business!

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Here are the seven (7) lessons (great stuff!):

Lesson 1:  Get Your Mind Right Girl!

Lesson 2:  Start With the End in Mind

Lesson 3:  Develop a Powerful Strategy

Lesson 4:  Show Me the Money!

Lesson 5:  Market As if Your Life Depends on It

Lesson 6:  Become the Leading Expert in Your Industry

Lesson 7:  Focus on Back End Marketing


P.S.  I'm a business coach and can help you if you get stuck or you aren't sure what to do next!