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I'm Carmin and I've spent most of my adult life using visualization, faith in God and myself to go after my dreams and accomplish my desires and helping others do the same thing.


I've dedicated the knowledge and skills that I acquired over a 20-year career as a College Counselor to helping women, like you, live your dream by teaching simple strategies and supporting you in beating fear, procrastination, doubt and feelings of overwhelm to grow your online business and create an authentic life that you love and deserve.


Are you dreaming of more?

I've been there, feeling like I wasn't living up to my potential, knowing I was meant for more, but not seeking the path to grow my business.  I felt like I was banging my head against the wall, wondering what was wrong with me while I saw others succeed.  I was tired of waiting for "someday."  I took action, got support and everything changed.


Things can change for you too!



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As a Business Woman, you must:

  • Get started before you feel ready!

    Do you find yourself busy as a bee performing tasks that do not make you money?  I'm talking about things like making tweaks to your website, conducting MORE online research about what to post, how to post, blah, blah, blah?  Know this:  as of right this moment, you have more knowledge, skills and expertise in your industry than your future clients and customers.  Accept this fact and be willing to start with what you already know!   Doing these busy bee tasks are a form of procrastination and it's time for you to just put yourself out there.  Don't ignore the calling in your heart.  If you can't get your business idea out of your head and you think about it every waking hour, it's time for you to launch it or take it to the next level!  As your Business Coach I will help you focus on what you need to focus on now.

  • Find, attract and engage your ideal clients.

    Let's face it; if you don't have a steady stream of clients, you don't have a business or you won't be in business long.  THE most frequently asked question I get is "How do I connect with my target or niche market?" The way most Business Coaches teach people to uncover their ideal customer - their niche market - is dead wrong.  I can show you the missing piece - what you haven't been taught regarding your ideal client - your niche market ... and, it will work!

  • Have a clear vision of the results you want to achieve and how to achieve them.

    Marketing is to your business what blood is to your body.  If you lose too much blood you will die.  If you don't market your business on a daily basis, your business will die.   In fact, 80% of your time should be spent on marketing your business.  You need to know which social media platform will work best for your business and if you are just starting out, you need to focus on only 2 platforms.  Also, there are other pieces to online marketing besides social media. You need to know what other pieces you need to add to your marketing strategy that will boost your income.  You need to know how to get it all done without overwhelming and burning yourself out and I'm the Business Coach who can help you.  And ... it's doesn't hurt that I earned a certification in Digital Marketing from Walden University.

  • Launch and sell services and products that your clients and customers can't wait to buy!

    Once you are finally able to connect with them, the people that you are supposed to serve (your niche market or ideal customers) will gladly buy from you - over and over again. You can sell with integrity and feel good about selling your products and services.  I can teach you how to sell without feeling salesy or slimmy. 

  • Charge what you are worth, increase sales and add new streams of income to your business.

    One of the most frustrating things for a business owner is to know that you offer a superior service or product and then see others who aren't half as skilled or knowledgeable as you are but they are earning 5 and 6 figures a month and you are barely scraping buy.  Most of the time, if you have customers, the reason you are barely getting buy is because you are not charging enough.  I will show you how to brand yourself, your products and your services so that you will feel comfortable charging what you are worth and your ideal customer won't mind paying you what you are worth!

  • Focus on profit-driven strategies and remain disciplined even when it feels hard.

    I get it; there are just days or seasons of life in which a woman just doesn't feel like doing what needs to be done to build and grow a business.  Been there - done that!  As your Business Coach, I will serve as your accountability partner to make sure you do what you need to do to make money and make a difference in the lives of your customers even during times when you just don't feel like it!

  • Make it happen regardless of the amount of money in your checking account.

    You may still be working a full-time job and you have more bills than money at the end of the month but, girl, let me tell you, there is probably hidden money that you just can't see or realize because you are so stressed out about not having "enough money to start my business."  Regardless of what you may have heard, you do have to have some money to start your business and to learn what you need to know to make it happen.  As your Business Coach, there are some things I can teach you to do for yourself that others have to pay for. 

What are they saying?

Clemmie Perry

Founder - Women of Color Golf


Carmin Wharton’s coaching engagement focuses on the skills, abilities and behaviors that lead to improved business performance and results.


She has the ability to identify critical skill areas that focus on individual growth needs and business strategies.


Carmin focuses on areas that can be leveraged and strengthened to bring about personal improvements, business results and increased performance of teams. I highly recommend Carmin Wharton for all your business, mentoring and coaching needs. 

Yvonne Pryor

Health Coach - Naturally 4 U


After enrolling in Carmin's business coaching program, I was able to narrow down my market niche and accomplish my goal of establishing my business website. Our coaching sessions also allowed me to become better at using market strategies in reaching my target audience through social media.


The takeaways I received are priceless. Carmin loves sharing her expertise and knowledge which allows the client to see more ways to set and achieve their goals.


I would recommend Carmin's coaching sessions to any woman looking to become a better business owner.

To be a Successful Woman, you must:

  • Dream big.

    Don't downsize your dreams to fit anyone's standard.  Regardless of the size of your dream, your age, income, marital status, education level, or any other demographic or label the world tries to pin on you, the dream you have needs to manifest and only you can make it happen!  Sometimes, as women we can't see just how brilliant and deserving we are and my job, as your Life Coach, is to help you bring your brilliance out of hiding and bring your big dreams to life!

  • Feel the fear and do it any way.

    Courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is the ability and willingness  to move forward even though you are afraid; to move forward even if you can't see the entire road ahead.  Heck, sometimes now, I feel afraid but I push through to achieve my goals in spite of the fear.  I will hold your hand and help you walk forward, in spite of the fear. 

  • Have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like.

    Only you can create the vision of what you want to see manifested in your life.  And make sure the vision you have for your life is YOUR vision - not your mama's, significant other's, children's, friends' or society's vision - but YOUR vision.  I can help you get crystal clear about the vision for your life. 

  • Practice regular self-care.

    Regular appointments with your doctor, dentist, hairstylist or manicurist are great.  However, self-care encompasses not only your physical needs but your emotional, spiritual and mental needs as well.  Life coaching is not therapy but as a Life Coach, I can encourage and share with you ways to practice self-care from the inside out.

  • Set and achieve goals which will get you EXACTLY what you want.

    One of the greatest things that will derail and delay you in creating and living a successful life is the inability or unwillingness to set and achieve goals. This is not just a cliche; it is the truth - a goal that is not written down is just a dream.  If God or whatever you call your Higher Power cannot trust you to do your best to achieve goals that you've set for yourself then how can you be trusted with abundance? 

  • Move past your fears, doubts and insecurities.

    Fear, doubt and procrastination can be crippling even to the strongest woman.  Sometimes we believe more in others'  goals, dreams and aspirations than our own.  Fear, doubt and procrastination will keep you stuck and unable to move forward if you allow it. Only when you get help and support will you get unstuck.  You will not become unstoppable until you are unstuck.  I'm an unstuck and unstoppable ninja who will push you to the finish line; whatever that line looks like for you!