I’m Carmin Wharton and I am a Certified Life and Business Coach. I know what it’s like to have really big dreams.  I also know what it’s like not having enough self-confidence to take action to bring those dreams to life. I also know what it’s like to be stuck smack dab in the middle of fear.  For years, I floundered working at jobs that I really didn’t love or if I did love the job, the pay was not good.

Can you relate?

Or, maybe you’ve always had a dream of owning you own business, building your own brand, going back to school, writing a book or finally transitioning to become a full time entrepreneur. I want you to know that IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!  I believe that you can do and become anything you desire.  You can accomplish your dreams.

Carmin Wharton, coach, mentor, motivational speaker and author of  Lessons Learned:  While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces, a relationship self-help book for women.   While struggling to earn a living for her two children and herself following a very painful divorce, Carmin realized that she has a God-given skill for empowering and motivating women.  At various jobs, it was not uncommon for women to gather around Carmin’s desk seeking advice for one life issue or another. This happened at every job!

Carmin’s love of and strong ability to help empower women in life and in business translated into a busy coaching practice doing what she loves!

As she worked full-time jobs, Carmin walked around with her book manuscript in a backpack for FIVE years before self-publishing her book!  Low self-confidence and belief that she should be embarrassed about her past relationships is the reason she walked around with a completed manuscript but was afraid to actually publish the book.

Another thing she did over the years was when she would get sick and tired of being looked over for promotions or earning a small salary attached to a fancy sounding job title, was to start businesses. Having owned a successful cake decorating business, a ladies suit and accessory business and an event planning firm, she knows the challenges you are facing starting and sustaining your business.

Because funds were limited, Carmin had to teach myself everything about starting a business and self-publishing. She also taught herself things like: how to build a website from scratch; how to build a mailing list; how to set up social media profiles; how to form an LLC; how to prepare a book manuscript for publishing and  how to get a book in online retail outlets like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and public libraries.

At the age of 38, Carmin earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology while juggling the demands of single parenthood. Nine years later she returned to school to earn her Master of Science Degree in Education – in one year – while working a 50 hour a week demanding state university job.

At the age of 57, Carmin took a leap of faith, followed her dream of owning her dream home and relocated to Atlanta, GA.

Carmin loves baking and lives with her Black Lab/Pit Bull mix canine baby, Dora.  She is also a proud GlamMa to her only grandchild, Nia.

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