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Boss Lady Coaching Program Coming Soon

The Bosslady Coaching Program is for the woman who has owned an online business for awhile but knows that it is time to make a shift to grow and scale her business. That shift could be attracting a new ideal customer, using new marketing strategies, upping her social media game, upgrading her products and services, overhauling her brand, etc. This program will be available Fall 2019.

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You know it’s time to make a change in your online business - do something different - shake things up but … you have no idea what needs to change.

So, you’ve made it through that beginning phase of entrepreneurship and where many ventures fail, you prevailed. Perhaps your business is earning a decent profit and you have an established clientele. But you keep asking yourself: how can I do more? How can I serve more? How can I up-level?  The questions will continue to play in your head and haunt you because your entrepreneurial drive is strong and because there is more. 

And, now that you’ve reached a good level of success, you’ve come to realize that with a higher level of success, new challenges are born.

I hear you, girl! I have been there too and I am currently in the process of building the Bosslady Business Coaching Program to help you take your business further than you ever dreamed possible!

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This 3 month program is designed for you if you’re a woman who started your business but is stuck trying to figure out what you need to do to grow and scale the business so that your income continues to grow. Through automation, we will put your important business operations on autopilot so that you no longer work yourself into exhaustion and unable to focus on income generation tasks.

This program is for you if your business is still a side hustle and because you still work full-time, you just can't seem to focus on setting goals that will take you toward full-time entrepreneurship. 

You feel stuck and paralyzed because:

  • There is so much you know you need to do up-level your business but when you look at the entire picture, you feel overwhelmed.

  • Because you don't know what to do next or don't feel you have the time to do what needs to get done so you just continue to spin your wheels, treading water to keep your business afloat but not scaling your business to the place you know it belongs.

  • You are constantly moving, completing little tasks here and there but your business isn't growing, you aren't making nearly as much money as you know you are capable of earning.

Even though we will be working in a group program format, remember no two coaching paths are the same. This means in addition to our group coaching activities, you'll have me helping you with your individual needs.  As your coach, my job is not to tell you what to do!  Instead, we will work together to help you set goals and work towards achieving them.

In my years working as a College Counselor and a Business Coach, I've noticed one thing about high-achievers (and entrepreneurs in particular) and that is they tend to generate a LOT of great ideas but are terrible at implementing systems, structures and maintaining a single focused thought pattern so that they can:

  • Leverage their time and money for long-term business success

  • Implement systems, structure and a team to alleviate or prevent entrepreneur burnout and enjoy life more

  • Quit repeating the same mundane daily tasks (which are probably not earning any money) and get back to being creative, connecting with their customers and selling

  • Find a single focus so that they will stop jumping from one new shiny object to another

  • Learn effective marketing strategy for their particular business; the marketing strategy you started with probably needs adjusting

  • Set boundaries with clients

  • Map out marketing and communication funnels

  • Establish clear offerings and a pricing structure

  • Up-level their social media strategy to reach more people

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What is Bosslady Coaching and how can it help me?

During our time together, we will use the Examine, Envision, Empower, Encourage model.


We will become aware of and examine where you are right now.   We’ll examine what your life or business looks like, what’s working for you and what isn’t.


What are your hopes, goals and dreams? Together, we’ll work on determining your truest desires.


Obstacles and challenges are a part of life. I’ll encourage you and help you find solutions to the obstacles and challenges standing between you and your goals. I will also keep you accountable to yourself.


We will come up with a realistic and actionable plan to help you take action and move forward.

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Here's what we will cover:

Month One:

  • We will examine exactly where your business is now and where you envision your business going.

  • You will gain a clear understanding of how you view your business and your involvement in it.

  • We will examine challenges you are facing in your business and establish a plan to overcome them.

  • You will finally see how you've been sabotaging your business.

  • We will examine your business strengths and weaknesses.

Month Two:

  • We will uncover the business vision that is already within you and will help you connect with the larger vision for your business.

  • You will define and clearly understand the purpose of your business.

  • You will identify your annual, quarterly and monthly goals and you will learn how to use a weekly action planner to keep you on track.

  • You will understand your obstacles, resources needed, and get clear on the benefits of achieving your goals.

  • You will uncover what you need to hold onto and what you need to let go of to move forward.

Month Three:

  • You will learn strategies to be more productive and reduce your stress through better time, action and priority management.

  • We will uncover what is constantly interrupting you and causing you to procrastinate and to stop and start.

  • You will learn how to boost your strengths and zap your weaknesses.

  • We will establish daily habits which will make you effective as you build your business.

  • We will uncover what is draining your energy and wearing you down.

  • You will decide what you need to delegate so you can focus on profit-generating tasks.

Here's what's included:

  • Three 30 minute start up calls (one each month) to discuss your needs and goals for the upcoming month.

  • Twelve (12)- 45 minute calls via Zoom, Skype or telephone. You'll receive one call per week.

  • Recordings of each session will be provided.

  • Personalized homework and action tasks weekly.

  • Unlimited email support (responses within 24 business hours). This means you'll have me available in your back pocket for encouragement and support!

  • 30 minute exit session to ensure you continue working on goals and personal development.

  • Access to up to 3 of my mini-courses.

  • Worksheets to help you track your progress.

  • Checklists for online business success.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have been in business for awhile and your business is earning a decent profit but you are feeling unfulfilled or that there’s been some type of intuitive or spiritual shift within yourself regarding your business.

  • You no longer enjoy what you are doing and you don’t know what to do about it because your business is your bread and butter.

  • You know that your business income should be much higher based on your skills, knowledge and abilities but you’re unable to surpass a certain level of income.

  • You’ve become unclear about exactly who your ideal customer is or you want to change who your ideal customer is.

  • You think you need to add or change your products and/or services but aren’t sure of what you need to change or how to make the change.

  • You can see that your brand needs to be revamped or at least tweaked a bit.

  • You are just plain ole burned out and you are wondering how to reclaim some or all parts of yourself.

  • You want to take your online business in a totally different direction.

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If ANY of this or SOME of this sounds like where you are right now, take heart, you are not alone and it’s not uncommon that after a certain level of success in business, we reach a plateau or decide it’s time to switch gears and do something different. To actually switch gears or to admit that something is no longer working and takes courage and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make the needed change. The Bosslady Coaching Program can help you!

Because you are already a seasoned entrepreneur, I offer this program in two formats - group coaching and one-on-one coaching to meet your unique needs. I offer the program in two formats because:

  • Some people want and need private, individual attention and are willing to invest at a certain level to have that personalized attention and;

  • Other people feel more comfortable in a group community type program where they can interact with other high-achieving, experienced online female entrepreneurs in a more cost-effective manner.