Brand-Newpreneur Coaching Program

The Brand-Newpreneur Coaching Program was created to help women entrepreneurs start an online business from scratch. If you are just starting your online business or it’s still just an idea in your head and you don’t mind the DIY (do it yourself ) model of building an online business, this program is ideal for you.

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Sometimes the very THOUGHT of becoming an Entrepreneur can make you feel so overwhelmed, you are tempted to give up before you even start.

Before we go too far, let me explain what a Brand-Newpreneur™ is. A Brand-Newpreneur™ is someone who has just decided to start a business and is literally starting from scratch.

Please know that this entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart. It takes hard work, tenacity, courage and intestinal fortitude to keep pushing toward your dream of profitable entrepreneurship.

Many Brand-Newpreneurs™ are still working full time for someone else and just finding the time to build your new business is a great challenge.

Does this sound like you?

You know you need a plan but can’t seem to figure out what that plan should be and how to put everything into motion.

You know deep down that your entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Your ideas are exceptional. You just need to make them happen! You just need some focused help! 

If you are still working, you may be so doggone tired when you get home, you wonder how you’ll ever start your business because you just don’t have the time or energy to devote to starting an online business.

Then there are the weekends where you swear to yourself and declare to others that you have to spend a great deal of time working on building your business. But … you still have to run errands, tend to your family, attend worship services, try to have a social life, etc.

Before you know it, it’s Sunday night and you have not done one darn thing to start that online business that you so desperately want to start!

Now, with Monday staring you in the face, the best you can do on Sunday evening is to food prep for the week, iron and prepare your and your family’s clothes and try to mentally prepare yourself to drive in god awful traffic to sit in a cubicle at a job you hate.

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And, on top of that, family and friends may not be as supportive as you thought or hoped they would. So, girlfriend, it’s just you!

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Why am I so sure I can help you? Because that woman I described above was me!

I spent years scouring the Internet teaching and training myself how to build websites, how to create social media profiles, how to market online, how to identify my target markets, what a niche market really is, etc. etc. etc.

And … I spent a lot of money buying one course after another - many of which I did not finish - because I had no one to actually SHOW me what I needed to do. I follow directions really well but sometimes we need to be SHOWN what to do AND … we need someone to hold us accountable to actually completing tasks that will move us forward!

Then, once I knew what to do, I became the queen of paralysis analysis and the princess of procrastination! I kept digging for more information rather than just implementing what I had already learned. I did this even after spending thousands of dollars becoming a certified Personal Coach!

I even invested in a Digital Marketing graduate level certification program and still struggled to push myself to complete the tasks that would take my business from what I call an “expensive hobby” to a profitable online business.

Not until I hired a coach to keep me accountable did I make progress but there was still one thing that was missing … again, I wanted someone to SHOW me certain things - mostly (at least for me) it was technical things that I was trying to figure out.

Well, I finally got it all together and now I am sincerely passionate about helping other high-achieving women who are struggling to learn how to start and grow an online business, have a great business idea (or several) but they need to have a much shorter learning curve than I did and they just need direction and accountability to get everything done. That’s why I created the Brand-NewpreneurCoaching Program!

In my years working as a College Counselor and a Business Coach, I've noticed one thing about high-achievers (and entrepreneurs in particular) and that is they tend to be very passionate about their dreams and goals. However, because they may generate so many great ideas, they experience paralysis by analysis. They wait for things to be perfect before they will even start. We all know the “perfect time” never really comes in any area of our lives.

All of this is due to fear and doubt.

The key to starting a successful online business is to, at some point, stop researching, stop analyzing, stop thinking and re-thinking and doubting yourself. You just have to start! The Brand-NewpreneurCoaching Program will help you:

  • Know where to start in a long list of "to dos," what to do now and what can be done later or delegated to someone else

  • Learn what it takes to start, grow and maintain a successful business

  • Find a single focus so that you can start developing your best business idea

  • Learn effective marketing strategy for your particular business; once size does not fit all when it comes to marketing strategy

  • Establish an automated and authentic system to follow up with people who have expressed an interest in what you are selling

  • Learn how to effectively block your time so that you don't stop enjoying life altogether while you are building your business empire

  • Know how to use your authentic voice when creating content and posting on social media

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What is Brand-Newpreneur Coaching and how can it help me?

The Brand-Newpreneur™ Coaching Program takes you step-by-step through my proprietary business start up program, the Help Me Get Started PLEASE System™. I designed this system for the woman who needs to start her online business from scratch - from the ground up using DIY (Do It Yourself), BIY (Build It Yourself) techniques!

You may or may not have a firm idea of exactly what business you want to start.

You may be considering selling services or products or a combination of both online.

In this coaching program, we will evaluate and firm up your business idea, create a vision for your business, set up your business operations, develop your personal brand and create a basic marketing strategy.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want to start an online business but you have no idea where to start or what to do first.

  • You know what business you want to start but you don’t have a clear vision of what your business should look like or what success looks like to you.

  • You wish you had someone to support you, show you the way - step-by-step and hold you accountable to complete what needs to be done.

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The Brand-NewpreneurCoaching Program is your chance to connect with a knowledgeable and supportive coach who will encourage you to acknowledge what it is you really want and what you want your business to look like. I will encourage you to create a realistic and growth focused vision for your business.

Finally, I will hold you accountable for doing what you need to do to make your vision a reality! You’ll also connect with other amazing new entrepreneurs who will push you, inspire you and lift you up like never before! Being around other entrepreneurs during this time of growth is critical to your success.

This two (2) month group coaching program is designed for the brand new female entrepreneur (thus the name “Brand-Newpreneur™”) who is starting her business from scratch.

Please note: During this group coaching program, we are actually going to be building your online business. Therefore, I have chosen vendors for various services (website, mailing list management, domain name registration, social media auto posting) that are either free or very low cost and I chose these vendors because I have either used them in the past, are using them now or have researched them and decided they are a good fit for the Brand-Newpreneur™ because of ease of use and affordability. If you decide to purchase from these vendors, I may earn a commission.

Here’s what we will cover:

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Week 1 - self-development

We will focus on your Self-Development as an entrepreneur. We will examine:

  • Your mindset to see if it needs realignment with what you say that you want

  • Potential and actual challenges and obstacles which could impede your success

  • Your beliefs about money and see if your money beliefs are in alignment with generating wealth

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WEEK 3 - ideal client

We will get to know your Ideal Client by:

  • Focusing on her demographics (who your buyer is) and psycho-graphics (why she buys) to ensure your ideal client will recognize you as an expert who can help them

  • Developing an understanding of your target and niche markets so you will know how to sell to them

  • Uncovering exactly what you are selling (it’s not just your products or services)


WEEK 5 - your brand

We will Create Your Brilliant Brand by:

  • Defining exactly what your personal brand is

  • Creating or tweaking the sensory elements of your brand (colors, images, fonts and logo) using Canva.

  • Creating your website (1-3 pages) or blog to ensure brand quality and compatibility

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WEEK 7 - your sales platform

This week’s focus will be on deciding which Sales Platform you will use to sell your products and/or services:

  • Examining and deciding on a platform through which you will sell digital or physical products and services

  • Examining technology which will help you automate your income-generating tasks

  • Deciding upon and setting up your payment platform(s)


WEEK 2 - vision

We will focus on your Vision for your business and life. We will:

  • Develop a business vision and life vision intersect to ensure your business success

  • Develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and decide on what you can offer your clients that your competitors are not offering or how you can offer what your competitors are offering but in a unique way

  • Decide if your current business idea lines up with your vision and if it’s a viable business idea or needs tweaking or changing

120x111 Business Infrastructure.png

WEEK 4 - business infrastructure

We will Create Your Business Infrastructure by:

  • Deciding and/or setting up your business legal structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation or partnership)

  • Setting up your online presence (domain name, basic website/blog set up)

  • Decide upon and sign up for a mailing list vendor

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WEEK 6 - communication strategy

We will develop your Communication Strategy by:

  • Exploring what your unique communication style is - you authentic voice that will resonate with your ideal customer

  • Creating your free opt in (what you’ll give away to people in exchange for their name and email address)

  • Adding basic content to your website or blog such as: home page, about, product or service page

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WEEK 8 - marketing your business

This week we are focusing on the bloodline of your business - Marketing! You will:

  • Create your freebie or opt-in giveaway to build your mailing list

  • Create your first newsletter

  • Create two (2) social media accounts and decide on a platform to perform auto posting for you

Here's what's included:

  • 30 minute start up one-on-one call to discuss your needs and goals

  • 8 one (1) hour group coaching calls (via Zoom); if you miss a live coaching call, you will have access to the recording

  • 8 weekly lessons including worksheets and templates

  • Personalized homework and action tasks weekly

  • A private Facebook support group where you’ll have access to me beyond the weekly group coaching calls

  • 30 minute wrap up call to review your progress, discuss any lingering concerns you may be having and future goals

Here's what you will walk away with:

  • More self-confidence because you are in the correct mindset to build a profitable business that you love.

  • A clear vision of what you want your business to look like; this will help you accept or reject opportunities in the future. If the opportunity is not in line with your business vision, look away.

  • Knowledge of who your ideal customer is and how to draw them to you.

  • A legal structure for your business (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, Partnership).

  • Ideas for how you can finance your new online business.

  • A viable brand you can be proud of realizing it may change over time.

  • Social media profiles on two (2) social media platforms and a knowledge of what to post on those platforms to get the attention of your ideal customer.

  • Knowledge of what you need to be consistently doing to effectively market your online business.

  • A plan of action to help you stay on track so that you can scale your business.

  • A launched online business!

How it works:

  • Once you make your payment, you will receive a link to login into the course area along with your username and password.

  • Once you are in the course area, you will see a link to schedule your 30 minute meeting with me prior to the start of the group coaching start date and other orientation materials.

  • If you miss any of the live events, you will be able to view a recording in the course area.

Is the Brand-Newpreneur™ Program the program you’ve been dreaming of?

If you read the points below and say YES!, the Brand-Newpreneur™ is for you:

✔ You only have a few hours a week to devote to business building

You feel called to make an impact, you want to leave a lasting legacy and you’re ready to claim freedom by any means necessary

✔ You’re passionate about building a profitable business that allows you to achieve your dreams and earn a great income while serving others

You are ready to develop a success mindset which will force you to drop all excuses

✔ You want personal support and accountability in an intimate setting (where you’re not just one of many)

Even if you think you don’t have any marketable skills and you’ve tried to start an online business before and for whatever reason, wasn’t able to do so

The Brand-Newpreneur™ Program is not for you if:

You’re lazy and expect that investing in this program means you don’t have to work to build and grow your business

☓ You generally have a negative outlook and you are a complainer

You don’t value coaching or mentor-ship (every successful person, regardless of their industry, has used a coach to get where they are today)

You aren’t willing to participate in an online, private Facebook support group

You think people will flock to your website or blog and purchase things without you putting in the work

☓ You are not realistic about what’s possible for your business and your life

Is it sounding like the Brand-Newpreneur™ Coaching Program is for you?

If so, here’s what you will get with this program:

✔ Lifetime Access to the entire Brand-Newpreneur System($1997 value)

✔ 2 months of live group coaching via Zoom ($1600 value)

✔ Weekly Q & A sessions with Coach Carmin via the Brand-Newpreneurprivate Facebook group ($1600 value)

✔ Renewed confidence in your ability to build a successful, fulfilling and profitable online business

✔ The ability to meet and collaborate with like-minded, brilliant women

✔ An actual online business!

Your investment …

$497 (paid in full)* OR 2 payments of $298.50

*Save $100 when you pay in full and when you pay in full, you’ll receive my “Business Startup Notebook”!

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