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Using the power of setting and achieving goals, Carmin Wharton specializes in coaching women in starting an online business and online business growth and development.

To Earn Six Figures ... Ask Yourself 3 Questions

To Earn 6 Figures, Ask Yourself 3 Questions.png

To earn six figures a year, ask yourself 3 questions. ⠀

1. Is there a need in the marketplace for my product or service?⠀

Sometimes there may not be an apparent need but smart and unique marketing can create DESIRE for your product or service. ⠀A lucrative product or service may literally be right under your nose.

Spend some time alone and allow yourself to relax and think back over your life about creative solutions you have come up with to solve problems, relieve annoyances and improve your own life and the life of your family. 

Did you craft some nifty process to organize your garage or kitchen?  Did you take a standard recipe and put a new twist on it and now people are requesting that you cook this item all the time?  Have you discovered a short cut or devised some type of tool to help you plant seeds in your garden or accomplish some other household task.  Have you found a totally new use for an item that everyone else uses for one thing?  Have you created a technique of some kind at work that makes your job a lot easier but you haven’t shared it with your team?  You just perform this technique or use this item yourself and it assists you greatly in performing your job and making it easier.

2. How good is my product or service AND how unique is it?⠀

Your product or service may not be unique but YOU are what will make your product or service stand out from your competition. You are the unique piece. ⠀

Know why people need and buy the product or service you offer.

Interestingly, most people don’t think this through when they are in the beginning stages of building a business and brand.  If you are one of them, remember, a great USP showcases your uniqueness.  It also focuses on results and transformations.  It does not focus on product or services features or business processes.

It’s going to require some deep digging, to uncover what's different about you, your business and what you are offering.

3. How good am I at marketing and selling your product or service? Most people (me included) don’t like selling. Sorry boo - ya gotta sell to get paid. ⠀

However, to totally change the dynamic of selling in your mind, make sure you are educating your niche market. Freely give ‘em tips, ideas and advice BUT (and this is the trick), don’t tell them EVERYTHING they need to know about ANYTHING. Leave them wanting more and then they’ll pay for that “more!”⠀

Your generosity, knowledge, expertise and customer service will sell for you!

Carmin Wharton is a certified life and business coach to women.  Carmin coaches women who find themselves stuck and unable to move forward while trying to achieve a major life or business goal.  Carmin’s specialties include coaching women through: the basics of starting an online business and reinventing their lives.