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Top 10 Strategies for Achieving Your Goals

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1.  Decrease your focus.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you set out to achieve a goal is to focus on everything that’s going to be required to achieve the goal.  I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliché that you can’t eat an elephant all at once; you have to eat the elephant bit by bit, section by section.  Remain tightly focused only on that next step. 

2.  Write it down.  The reason it’s important to write your goal down is because the act of writing the goal down is a part of the commitment process.  Have you ever noticed that when you are speaking over the phone trying to conduct business such as calling your credit card company about a charge you don’t recognize, you tend to write down who you were speaking with, what they said, perhaps the date and what the person you spoke with promised. 


In addition to writing the goal down, you want to also keep track of your progress by writing down what you’ve accomplished so far; I suggest doing this on a daily basis because it’s a way to keep yourself accountable.  Finally writing things down as you are achieving a goal helps you uncover fears that may be holding you back from achieving the goal. 


4.  Keep the goal in front of you.  Your goals require daily attention.   Two great ways to keep your goals in front of you is by using a vision board or index cards taped up to various places in your environment. 


Because you don’t want to expose your goals to negative energy, if you share your living space with others or you are in a job setting, rather than taping up the index cards, keep them in a stack on your desk and between work tasks peek at them throughout the day.  You could also create inspirational and motivational messages on your cell phone and set reminders on your cell phone to review them.  I’ve also been known to tape index cards to my car’s dashboard!


5.  Remain consistent.  Most people start off with a lot of energy and a big bang!  However, as they move along the path to achieving their goal, their momentum slows down.  Remember, consistent, focused action is what you are aiming for.  For two things you can do to stay consistent is look at my suggestions in #4.

6.  Keep learning.  None of us knows everything about anything.  Let’s use an example.  If your goal is weight loss, keep educating yourself about different forms of exercise that you won’t get bored with.  Scour the internet for delicious recipes that you can incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. 


This path you are on called life is a journey and not a destination.  There is always more you can learn which pertains to your goal.  Information and education makes you more powerful!

7.  Ask for help. Not many people have achieved anything of great value by themselves.  We all need support along the way.  Support can come in the form of information or opportunities shared by others, a pep talk when you feel like giving up or some other form of support.  Pride comes before a great fall.  Don't be too proud to ask for help.  Actually, asking for help is a sign of great courage and strength.  Let that soak in!


8.  Be prepared for setbacks.  Please know and understand that obstacles will appear on your path to achieving your goal.  You will make mistakes; other people may do their number all over you.  Accept these facts.  Mistakes are a great learning tool.  Understand the lesson that is wrapped up in the mistake and move on.


Stop being so hard on yourself girl.  If you make a mistake, forgive yourself; ask forgiveness from others if necessary.  If an obstacle sidetracks you for a minute, as soon as possible, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back on the path to achieving your goal. 


Have you heard the saying, “A setback is set up for a comeback!”?

9.  Trust your plan.  Work your plan.  You will have up days and down days.  There will be days where you will be as frustrated as ever and things that appear on your path won’t make any sense – AT ALL! 


At times like this, you will have to know and believe that you deserve to achieve your goal.  You will have to trust your intuition and spirit that you are on the right path. Make sure that you remain consistent and that you make right choices every day.  Use tools and strategies available to you.


10.  Enjoy life!!!  Life doesn’t stop just because you are working on achieving a goal.  Smell the roses along the way.  Stay connected to supportive people.  Surround yourself with beauty.  Rest and relax when you need to. 

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