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  1. Start a service business: Things you do for others; home repairs, house cleaning, child care, web design, etc

  2. Sell products to others: Use a drop shipping company so you don’t have to store the merchandise.

  3. Sell products you make to others: handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, etc.

  4. Advertising Representative: sell ad space in publications of others or you own newsletter, website or blog

  5. Service people’s clothes – alterations, sewing, washing, ironing, etc.

  6. Auto Work: Repairs, cleaning, polishing, tune-ups, etc.

  7. Baking: Cakes, cookies, candies, professionally decorate cakes, etc.

  8. Teach people things you know that you usually give away for free (think cooking, how to find scholarships, how to invest in the stock market, tips for getting into a university – the list is endless)

  9. Bookkeeping and Accounting Service: Help individuals and businesses keep their books

  10. Broker Services: Offer products and services of others to YOUR customers as a broker.

  11. Business Coach/Consultant: Help others run their businesses, offer guidance, etc.

  12. Teach business skills class: Teach others how to run a business, how to make and save money.

  13. Newborn Consultant: teach new parents all they need to know, what to do and how to do it.

  14. Sell closeout and odd lot items: Locate items that are not moving and buy at a discount.

  15. Virtual Assisting: Secretarial services, typing resumes and reports, term papers, and manuscripts; offer these services to local businesses or individuals. Become a virtual assistant and offer these services to people and businesses worldwide.

  16. Computer Training: Teach people what you know about software.

  17. Craft Instruction: Teach people what you know about craft-making.

  18. Dancing Lessons: Aerobic classes; popular dances, teach in your home or at a community center.

  19. Become an affiliate marketer: Sell programs and plans of others, sell their products and services and get paid a commission.

  20. Discount Printing: Contact small printers offer their services to others.

  21. Distribute Flyers and Circulars: Distribute mail for clients and charge a fee.

  22. Become An Editor: Read manuscripts and reports; edit them, check for spelling and grammar.

  23. Equipment Repair: Take in all kinds of appliances and equipment; service and repair them.

  24. Freelance Writing: Articles, screenplays, Poems, etc.

  25. Sell Garden Goods: sell things you grow such as corn, tomatoes, greens, flowers, etc.

  26. Ghost Writing: Sell your writing skill to others; help them to get it in print!

  27. Gifting: Shop for gifts for busy people, wrap gifts. People need help in this area and will pay for that help.

  28. Hair Salon: washing, cutting, styling, coloring, perms, etc. (I know you must be licensed for these services but I bet many current salons owners started in their own house).

  29. Hair and Beauty Classes: Teach make-up techniques, hairstyling, cutting, etc.

  30. Develop How-to and Tips booklets.

  31. Issue Your Own Publication or Newsletter: Charge for ads and subscriptions

  32. List People for a Fee: Offer to list their name as wanting something, charge a fee.

  33. Locator Service: Locate jobs, bargains, sources, discounts, buyers, etc.

  34. Multi-Level Marketing: For example, Pre-Paid Legal, YTB Travel and Amway.

  35. Plan and oversee home parties: Help others plan and hold them, charge a fee, be a clown, etc.

  36. Pet Care Service: Training, grooming, boarding and walking.

  37. Phone Answering Service: Answer phones at your home for small or home-based businesses

  38. Photo Studio in Your Home: Great idea to make that extra room you aren’t using bring in some cash. If you are a photography buff, invest in equipment and take pictures for weddings, family gatherings, etc.

  39. Piano & Music Instruction: Teach pupils in your home; teach what you know.

  40. Plant Care; Rental: Take in plants, care for them or maintain plants in office buildings.

  41. Publicity Service: Help others get the publicity they need, write press releases, etc.

  42. Publish a Cook Book: Use your favorites and ask others for recipes; charge per book.

  43. Reminder Service: Remind people about important dates, events, using cards, phone, etc.

  44. Rental Service: If you got it, rent it! For example, a backyard, a patio, shrubs, tools.

  45. Reading, Reviewer: People are too busy to read all they need to; charge them for a summary.

  46. Researcher: Charge a fee to research a subject; charge for a written report.

  47. Scholarship Assistance: Help students get financing for college; do scholarship searches and charge a fee.

  48. Self-Improvement Classes: Teach people what you know about losing weight, relationships, etc.

  49. Sell By Mail Order: Ad specialties, booklets, reports, etc.

  50. Sharpening Service: Take in saws, knives to be sharpened, etc.

  51. Professional Speaking: Sell your talents as speaker; sell audio and video from your speaking engagements.

  52. Create audio tapes: for hearing impaired and children.

  53. Start an online network: Sell memberships; charge monthly dues, issue a newsletter, etc.

  54. Video/DVD Business: Buy in lots and sell.

  55. Tutoring: In-home; help students to catch-up, improve skills, prepare for standardized tests.

  56. Used Goods Store: Have used items for sale, take in; sell, re-buy, re-sell.

  57. Wedding Planner: Help young couples to plan theirs from start to finish.

  58. Woodworking: Carpentry, antique rebuilding and repairs.

  59. Develop and sell information products: eBooks, reports, white papers, audio video.

  60. Yard and Garage Sales: Sell what you no longer need or want; people will buy your junk!

  61. Host webinars: teach what you know without leaving your house, charge for admission and resell webinar information in the forms of eBooks, reports and audio.

  62. Answer calls from your home for large companies that hire home-based workers.

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