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Using the power of setting and achieving goals, Carmin Wharton specializes in coaching women in starting an online business and online business growth and development.

How to Your Juggle Family and Business

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What should you do when you have competing priorities in your life that are all important?

One thing that stops a lot of women from starting or growing a business is the fact that most of us have a lot on our plates.  We may be trying to juggle the business, motherhood, our partner, parents and maybe even a full-time job.  Some women may even be trying to get additional training so that they can be the best entrepreneur possible.

Unless you have strategy or plan in place to get things done, you’re bound to get overcome with responsibility and guilt about the things that you cannot get done.

Here’s the deal; you can have it all but you will not be able to have it all at the SAME TIME!  One thing you must accept is that you are going to have to sacrifice something at different points in your life and while you are building your business.

So, I’m going to share some strategies to get you what you want – a successful business AND personal life.

Strategy #1

Decide what you REALLY want regarding your business.  Once you decide what you really want (example start the business, increase social media likes, build a good mailing list, build a great website), it’s time to develop a strategy – a series of action steps to get where you need to be. 

Here are some questions that might help you decide what needs to happen at this point:

Is it time to actually start the business?  Do you need to hire a part-time virtual assistant to help you grow the business?  Do you need to put in the elbow grease to move along the path? 

Strategy #2

Budget your time wisely.  I suggest you get yourself a couple of calendars – one for your personal use so you can keep track of projects and the other will be a family calendar that you can hang or place somewhere that all family members have access to.  On both of these calendars, block off time that you cannot be disturbed because you are working on your business.  On the family calendar, be sure to include everyone’s appointments (doctor, after school activities, etc.). 

Decide that you will get up an hour or two earlier before the rest of the house wakes to work on your business.  If you’re still working full-time, be sure to use 3 day holiday weekends and at least one day during regular weekends to work on your business.


Strategy #3

Take time away from your business and … do not feel guilty when you do!  You cannot endlessly go full throttle and not burn out.  You need this time to recharge your batteries or reset.  Whenever you do this, make sure you are fully disconnected (no phone, no email).  What I’ve found is that if you give it all you’ve got, when you do take a break from the business, you won’t feel any guilt.

Strategy #4

Outsource and delegate.  This goes for the business and household.  Consider hiring a part-time virtual assistant you can outsource repetitive administrative tasks to or a maid service to clean your house.  And be sure to put the other people who live in your house to work!  Assign chores such as cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, etc. to other family members.  Consider using a freelance website such as to create graphics, design or build your website and more. 

Strategy #5

Say no.  I used to tell my mom, “No. (period) is a complete sentence.”  You don’t need to explain why you are saying “No” unless you feel like explaining.  Especially when you are just building your business or you are working on a huge project which could generate a lot of revenue for you, just say unapologetically, “No.”

Carmin Wharton is a certified life and business coach to women.  Carmin coaches women who find themselves stuck and unable to move forward while trying to achieve a major life or business goal.  She also helps women through the beginning phase of starting a business.