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3 P's That Stop Your Business Success

3 P's That Stop Your Biz Success.png

The 3 P's which stops your business success are:  Perfectionism, Procrastination and Panic. Let's briefly tackle each one of these deceitful buggers!


The flier for your event or announcement for your new product isn't perfectly centered on the page. You don't have ALL the pages of your website finished. Your newsletter doesn't look perfect to you. Your video you just recorded shows a strand of hair out of place or a zit on your face. The list is endless but guess what? IT DOESN'T MATTER! You, my dear, don't have to be perfect but you have to start somewhere. You will improve as your move forward!


Tomorrow never arrives. Tomorrow is an illusive day. As my mentor and dear sisterfriend, Jewel Diamond Taylor always says, "Procrastination is a thief!" Would you tolerate a thief in your house? Of course not! So why do you allow a thief in your mind. Hello!


In business we usually panic when our dreams start to come true. You start acquiring customers. People start emailing and calling you ordering stuff or inquiring about your services. One way to alleviate panic is to be prepared for success. Put whatever systems or system you need to put in place to receive and service your new customers. Panic is alleviated when you allow preparation to meet opportunity. When these two meet, it's a beautiful relationship. But YOU have to do the work to be prepared.

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