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3 Tips for Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

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We’ve all been there. You are at a networking function, family or community gathering and somebody asks you what your company does, and you freeze like your brain has gone on vacation! Because you have not been clear in your own mind about exactly what you are selling or what makes your business unique, you fumble to give some lengthy explanation which still leaves the person scratching their head. Then, later on when you are alone, you beat yourself up for not being able to tell people what you do!

What’s even worse, you may start spitting out a list of features of your product or service but sharing features is not going to get you customers.  What’s going to get you customers is your sharing how your product or service will help them – the potential customer!  It may sound harsh but remember this; your customers don’t care about how your business operates, yada, yada, yada.  The only thing the potential customer wants to know is “How is your product or service going to help me?”

Because we are all inundated with information overload, if you aren’t clear in your own mind about what makes your product or service unique, you won’t be able to clearly state what you are selling and how it can benefit your potential customers.

Start telling your story; your story WILL sell to those people who are your ideal niche market. Your story can include your why –why you created this product or service or are selling this product or service BUT tie your why into an example of how you solved a problem you or someone else was having that is identical to the problem that the potential client is having.  Your story can include examples of why you and your product or service can uniquely serve the ideal customer.

Here are 3 tips for building a strong unique selling proposition (USP):

1.  Know why people need and buy the product or service you offer.

Interestingly, most people don’t think this through when they are in the beginning stages of building a business and brand.  If you are one of them, remember, a great USP showcases your uniqueness.  It also focuses on results and transformations.  It does not focus on product or services features or business processes.

It’s going to require some deep digging, to uncover what's different about you, your business and what you are offering.

2.  Research what gaps exist between your business and your competition.

Unless you have created a product or service which has NEVER EVER been created by anyone, anywhere, you definitely HAVE competition. To know your competition, you've got to study them. Once you check them out and you understand the gap that exists between their business and yours, creating your USP becomes much easier.

3.  Fill the void and get paid.

In every industry there is a need going unresolved. You have to discover what that need is, meet the need or "fix the pain," we professional coaches like to say. The most lucrative voids any business can fill for their potential customers may be caused by:  lack of time, fear, doubt, competing priorities, lack of balance in their lives or tons of other issues. Whatever the void is, talk about how your product or service fills the gap and alleviates that void.

Regardless of what you are selling, you have products and services that you need to tell people about in ways that engage them, excite them and entice them to buy from you. Remember that being able to tell your story -- to share your unique sales proposition quickly, effortlessly and with conviction will help you sell!