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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Business

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Online and brick and mortar businesses face a lot of competition these days.  Here are five creative ways to market your business.  

1.  Take a small zip close baggie (snack sizes work well) and include the following in it: your business card, discount coupon for your product or service, small flyer, a piece of candy such as hard candy or a lollipop, mini flyer of current specials.

Hand these out to the bank tellers, retail cashiers, at your kids sport events, everywhere you go!

2.  For your online business consider getting some computer mouse pads printed up with your website address and business name on them! A good example for how you can use this idea is if you are a life or business coach, send a non-digital welcome packet including the mouse pad, pen, cup, journal (all of these are only 1 or 2 will work) to your new clients.

Make sure you figure the cost of the welcome gift bag into the price of your coaching service. This will keep your website and business in front of them every time they sign online! This encourages them to check out your website often for new products, updates and features!

Start Locally

3.  Search for church and other organization’s fall festivals or shopping events where the organizations sell table or booth rentals where you can sell your products, especially prior to the Christmas holiday.

In addition to your products, make sure you carry a lot of business cards, samples or pictures of your product if they are special made (such as decorated cakes), flyers containing a discount coupon or notice of a contest you’ll be holding.

4.  Contact local area car dealerships. Ask the manager if you can hand out a small packet that they can hand out for FREE to their customers who come in to take a free test drive. This would be a great idea for a mobile vehicle detailing service or a credit repair service; if they can’t get approved for a car loan because of poor credit, your company can help them.

Not only may you get new customers from their customer base but the employees at the car dealership may become customers.

Use All Tools Available to You!

5.  Get a vehicle banner made for your automobile. I recommend the vinyl magnetic ones that stick to your automobile door but don’t scratch or remove the paint. You can easily remove them whenever you need to. In the past, I’ve ordered mine from Vista Print.  I think they still sell them.

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