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5 Steps to Make Your Business Grow

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There are 5 steps to help your business grow.

I listened to a sermon recently in which the pastor stated, that “This is the year of acceleration.” I believe this and honestly, even before I heard this sermon, I have felt in my soul since the end of last year that this is the year for unprecedented growth of entrepreneurs. This is  particularly true for home-based and small business owners. I can’t explain it – it’s just a knowing in my soul.  Focusing on business growth should be at the top of your agenda.

There are some steps you must follow though to put yourself on the path to this unprecedented business growth.   These are the exact steps I’m following and I’m already feeling and seeing momentum in my business. I must admit even though it’s exhilarating, it’s also a bit scary but don’t you dare let that stop you!

So here are the 5 things you should really start doing to catapult your business into unprecedented growth this year:

1. Vision - Decide what you want your business to look like. Once you are clear about what you want your business to look like (clarity is a beautiful thing), write the vision down. I’m telling ya, writing down your vision let’s God and the universe know you are serious about this thing. Once you’ve written your vision down, you must then decide what goals you need to set to achieve to give birth to this vision and you must write these goals down.

Once you’ve written down your goals, you must write down action steps you will have to take to achieve each goal. Every goal you write down must be tied into your business vision. If the goal isn’t tied into earning you money or bringing you more clients and sales, don’t bother with it. You are in business to make money. Yes, there are other reasons you are in business (soul’s purpose, etc) but you are in business to make money and if you are not, then you are involved in an expensive, time-consuming hobby. You decide.

2. Creativity – No matter what business you are in and even if there are thousands of other women in the same business as you, selling the same products and services as you, your business is unique.    Be sure to let your customers know what sets your business apart.  Convincing your prospects to do business with you rather than your competitors is going to require creativity.

Personally, many of my divinely inspired business ideas come to me first thing in the morning during my prayer and meditation time. If you are not already doing so, I strongly encourage you to establish a connection with the Divine before you engage with other people, television or social media. Make sure you keep a pen and pad with you because when God starts sharing business ideas with you, I find they come fast and furious. Therefore, you must write them down or you will forget them. Once you write down the idea, ask to be shown the way. You may be shown the entire way or just one step. If it’s just one step, take that one step and the rest of the way will be revealed – trust me.

3. Network. You may or may not be able to afford to attend every conference which comes to or near your city. However, you must get out of your house from in front of your computer and network with other like-minded business owners. Lately, I’ve become aware of a couple of really dynamic-sounding one-day conferences for women coming to my city of Atlanta and they are very affordable so I’m going.

Keep your eye on LinkedIn and Facebook.  If another  female business owner lives in your area, reach out to her and see if you can meet for coffee or a meal or just to chat on the phone. If there are events in your area hosted by other women, try to go. If there are events that aren’t specifically geared toward women, but are entrepreneurial in nature, go.  If topics covered will help you grow and thrive as a business owner, go. Make sure you take a lot of business cards and that you have a prepared, rehearsed 30 second elevator answer to “So, what does your business do?”

4. Listen and watch. Listen and watch what is being said in social media. If you have a following on Facebook, try to engage them by asking questions and invite people to respond. If they are posting on your page or in your group, reply to their posts. Notice what people are saying in Instagram about your posts. If you are using Instagram or Pinterest, take note of who’s following and reposting your pins and posts and see if you can do the same for her.

If you don’t have a business page or group on Facebook, you should consider starting one and make sure you are engaged – regularly. I have discovered there are quite a few people who will quietly sit back and observe and follow you and it may be months before they say one word.

You will then discover they have been secretly admiring you and your work for quite some time.

The things that people post may tell you what they need from you and as a business owner, you can provide it!

5. Stay focused. I preach this all the time - life is going to happen. Obstacles will appear in your path that you had NO idea even existed. People will enter and exit your life at the most inopportune times. Things in your house will break. You may get ill. Though I am not making light of mishaps and painful experiences, you must remain focused and keep your eyes on the prize – the prize for you being a successful, highly profitable business.

Another thing, make sure you know what your business’ mission is and when people approach you about other opportunities, if those opportunities are not aligned with your mission, politely refuse to entertain the offer. If you don’t adopt this attitude, you will get off message and out of focus and before long, people won’t know what you are selling or what your business represents. Not good. Stay in the flow by frequently reviewing and updating your vision board, your goal cards, your marketing calendar, etc.

Remember, this is the year of acceleration. Put your foot on the gas pedal and go girl!

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