5 Things a Single Woman Can Do During the Holidays


Ladies, if you are single or living away from family and friends this holiday season, check this out! Being single is not a death sentence during the holidays!

5 things you can do to make yourself happy during the holiday season:

  1. Start a new hobby.  Try something you've always wanted to try.  For example there are a lot of places where you can go learn to paint while you sip wine (as an example).  You might want to learn how to play the stock market.  The choices are endless.
  2. Create a new experience, outing, dinner or trip.  If you live in a cold part of the country, the holidays are a great time to get away to warmer climates like the Caribbean or Hawaii!
  3. Mix and mingle.  Go places where there will be lots of people.  Don't shy away from holiday events because you are single or away from family.
  4. Join a gym.  Start a work out routine or take advantage of great sales and buy equipment for your house.  Remember, it won't be cold forever and we'll soon be in shorts and tank top weather!
  5. Indulge (but not too much).  Make your favorite dishes and share with others. Perhaps you can experiment with healthier versions of your favorite dishes.

The main thing is to not feel sorry for yourself. If you do desire a mate, during the time that you are single is a great time to learn more about yourself, to honor yourself and treat yourself right.  Work on getting healed and enjoying just being.

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