The Basics of Online Marketing

It’s simple – really simple; if you aren't marketing your business, you won’t make any money because your potential customers will not know that you exist.

3 Important Marketing Tips

  1. Identifying your market: You must identify your niche market and analyze their needs and requirements. Identifying your target market is critical, especially if you plan to advertise on Facebook. Here's why: when you create an ad on Facebook, it allows you to target who you want to see the paid advertisement. One way that you can narrow down your target market is to use the Facebook tool which will tell you who has been viewing your page. This tool will tell you things like the gender and age of people who visit your website.
  2. Sell them a product or service they want: Focus on what your niche market wants and not on what you think they want or what you think they should want. Give them what they want and you’ll have them eating out of your hand. You won't know what your niche market wants unless you ask them. This means you must find a way to communicate with them regularly. The best way to do this is to start a mailing list. There are a lot of free services which will allow you launch your mailing list painlessly - Mail Chimp is one of them. Once you start communicating regularly with your target market, you can send them a survey and ask them what they need and want from you.
  3. Become global in your thinking: When devising your marketing strategy, you’re your eye on selling your products and services to the entire world. Think globally. Some business owners may think they are not selling a product or service that can be sold globally. However, just about any type of product or service can be sold to people all over the world. For example, you are a motivational speaker; why would you only make yourself available to speak to people on this continent? You own a staffing agency; people in other parts of the world need jobs to; can you extend your reach?

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Carmin Wharton is a life and business coach to women who are stuck and can’t move forward to create the dream life, career or business they deserve.  She helps women change their lives one goal at the time!

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