Creating a Goal Timeline


825eachieving-goals-300x260Creating a goal timeline is a great way to help ensure that you will actually start working towards the goal and increases the chance of you reaching the goal. A goal timeline is a chronological display of your goals. Start at the end, and decide which major thing you want to accomplish and then work backwards, creating mini-goals for yourself along the way. It’s better to eat an elephant in bits and pieces than trying to swallow it whole. Be specific; for example, decide exactly how much money you want to earn each month from your business. If your monthly expenses are $2,000, then as an example, set your goal at $3,000.


Rather than saying you want or need to earn more money, specifically state your goal, “By the end of this year I will be earning $3,000 a month.” The benefits of achieving your goals includes: more self-esteem (you’ve learned you can trust yourself and that you are capable of accomplishing anything). This will lead to your desire to achieve even more.


The mind is a funny thing; it will try to make you think you are stuck and not accomplishing anything. If this happens, take a look at your goal sheet or journal and see how far you have actually come. You will be amazed at how things have progressed in 3, 6 and 12 months. Lastly, don’t beat up on yourself; stop the negative talk and critique. You are smart, wonderful, wise and on your way to immeasurable wealth as an entrepreneur!