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What God Says About What is Hindering You


Would you agree that people are actually more ALIKE than they are different? This is what I believe.  We all have something that is hindering us at one time or another in our lives.As I serve women as a business coach, I realize that some of the same things that hindered me and kept me shackled to boring, low-paying jobs that I hated, are the same things that are hindering other women!

So, I want to get real personal here (people who personally know me can tell you that I keep it real) and share with you five (5) things that have and still try to hinder me and that are probably stopping you from reaching your destiny.

Now, I don’t like to share a problem without offering a solution so in addition to sharing the hindrances, I am going to share the solutions that God whispered to me when I laid out before him what I knew was hindering me over two (2) years ago! So here goes.

By the way, what I’m sharing is what I actually entered in my journal a few years ago. Now, Sisterfriend, I am sharing this very personal interaction between me and God so that you will know that you are not alone when you have these same thoughts AND so that you WILL be able to overcome them and move forward confidently!

Shackles that have hindered me:

• Confusion • Distractions • Procrastination • Fear • Unbelief

Confusion: Should I continue a second Master’s Degree program? Should I seek a job outside of Florida? What can I do to increase my income? What God said: You do not need any more education. You do not need another job. You need to act on the business ideas I have given you. Distractions: I’m angry, hurt and disappointed because of a friend’s callous behavior. I am distracted because of health issues and other people’s problems. What God said: I will remove some people from your life and rearrange other relationships to move you to a new level. Depend on me and not on people. Anyone or anything you have to have in your life is a crutch. Believe ME for total healing; the illness is a blessing in disguise because you have lost weight (I was about 50 pounds overweight) and you have learned how to eat healthier and the importance of daily exercise. Quit wasting your time on complaining conversations. Communicate with me and listen to my still, small voice. BAM (I added the BAM)!

Procrastination: I haven’t kicked off live business events. Concerned with what people will say and think because I stopped and then started the business – a couple of times. What God said: You are fooling yourself into believing you are moving forward by posting on Facebook and TALKING about what you plan to do and writing in journals what you plan to do, but you aren’t taking any action. I cannot bless you unless you take action. YOU must decide WHEN.

Fear: I’m afraid that people will not buy what I am selling and will not want to hear what I have to say. I am afraid that I will have to remain in a dead end call center job until retirement age and that I will always have to live paycheck to paycheck. What God said: People need to hear what you have to say. You can help women. There is so much you can share to help people and yes, they will pay you to help them once they see that they can trust you and that you really care. I have designed you for abundance. You were not built for struggle and mediocrity. Sow a seed today and begin to sow seeds by sharing what you know without expecting anything in return. I will multiply your seed.

Unbelief: I have demonstrated that I do not believe God can bless me and that He has given me business direction because I have not acted on ideas that will generate income. I have stopped tithing. What God said: I am not a man that I should lie; I will do what I have promised. Dedicate your path and plans to me. I WILL do it. There it is – this is a conversation I had several years ago with God and this conversation changed my life and gave me the confidence to step out on faith toward my destiny of full-time entrepreneurship! I hope what He told me will bless you too.

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