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How to Become A Holiday Entrepreneur



Here are some great tips to becoming a holiday entrepreneur!

  • "If you have lawn equipment that is sitting idle in your garage and you notice yards in your neighborhood that could use attention, leave the homeowner or renter a note introducing yourself as their neighbor and the fact that your rates are lower than those of professional landscapers. You already have the equipment so all you need is gas and business cards would be great - get 250 free business cards at

  • "During he holiday season, if you are a great baker, take out those cake pans and let your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (if you are fortunate to be working) know that you will be selling cakes and pies for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Use your computer to print price lists. In addition to getting business cards, you can get magnet signs to place on your car for under $20 at If you live alone, take someone with you to deliver the goodies and figure the gas price for delivery into your costs.

  • "Have you been complimented in the past for the way you decorate your home during the Christmas holidays? People are busy, so offer to hang lights and decorate peoples' yards for them. Again, all you need are business cards to pass out. You can also purchase a cheap yard sign from Decorate your yard early and post on the sign Let Us Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays.'

  • "Do you love to write and research? Do you own a computer and have Internet access? Post flyers at your local community college and universities offering to type term/research papers. Place an inexpensive ad in the college and university newspaper. Depending on how the buildings are arranged on campus, you may or may not need permission to post flyers. On most major university campuses, the bulletin boards are open and free for posting. Make sure you create flyer with tear strips at the bottom so interested students can tear your phone number off. Precaution: meet prospective customers somewhere on campus or at a coffee shop. Never reveal where you live."

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