How to Use LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube to Market Your Business

Marketing your business is absolutely essential to your business success.

Today is the last of our series on using social media to market your business. We are focusing on LinkedIn, Google + and You Tube.


LinkedIn is a highly professional social media platform and a lot of people assume LinkedIn can only be used to land a job. But, LinkedIn can definitely be used for business, especially if your target market is professional, educated people with decent incomes. As with all social media platforms, you want to decide what your business goals are; ask yourself why you are using this particular platform.

One thing about LinkedIn though is that blatant selling is frowned upon.

The first thing you want to do is develop a customer persona or profile. Once you know who your target market is, you can then move forward.&

LinkedIn Strategy

1. Establish yourself. On this platform, you want to focus on establishing yourself as the expert or go-to person in your industry. You establish yourself as an expert by sharing really good content that will help people solve a problem or educate them some way.

a. Create your company page. Your company page is where people will go to learn more about your company/brand and to absorb your expertise. Here’s the link where you can create your page:

b. Make your page easy to find and make sure you include your company website address, your products and services. Also, when you create a company page on LinkedIn, your business will rank higher in search engines like Google.

2. Connect with people. LinkedIn is great because, just like Facebook, it allows you to easily target prospective customers.

a. Encourage current customers to share their great experience with your company by suggesting they follow your company page. Make sure you put a Follow button on your website.

b. Join LinkedIn groups. Find groups within your industry and join the conversation. This will build awareness of your brand, promote your company page and again, establish you in the minds of potential customers as the expert in your industry.

c. Purchase Sponsored Content (ads). Just like on Facebook, you can target who you want to see your ad using criteria like a person’s job role in a company, geography and industry.

3. Engage with your target audience. If you share high quality content that is relevant to your target market, you could soon realize new customers!

a. Make sure that your content showcases your expertise. Don’t only share content you’ve written but share content from other industry leaders as well as your exciting news; maybe you just opened your first brick and mortar store or you’ve hired your first employee!

b. Show value. Remember, you do want to do some advertising of your products or services but your main focus should be on sharing valuable content.

c. Post on a schedule. You should post often and on a schedule so that your market will know they can depend on your information to help them.

d. Mix it up. Post articles but also photos and videos. Regardless of the platform, people engage more with posts that contain pictures and videos.

Here’s a great article which shares FANTASTIC ideas of how you can and should promote your business on LinkedIn:

Google + (Plus)

A lot of people seem to believe that Google + is a waste of time but Google + is good for local businesses that need to connect with potential customers via local mobile search. So, if you have a storefront or you set up shop in the local flea market on the weekend, this social media platform might be a good fit for you.

Also, there are several reasons why you might want to consider using this social media platform as a part of your marketing strategy.

1. As of June 2014, there were over 343 million active accounts on Google; that’s less than Facebook but more than Twitter so Google + is a big deal.

2. Over 68% of all internet searches are conducted on Google!

3. When you post on Google +, Google immediately indexes your post so that means when people search for your particular product or service, your business will come up quicker as a search result! (Business2Community)

I was shocked to discover that over the last year, over 17,000 people had visited the e-BlackWomenNetwork Google + page! That, folks is a LOT of views so when I see that a person reached the website via Google, I assume some of the traffic is coming from Google +.

Of course your Google + page can display your website so it’s a no-brainier as to how this platform can drive traffic to your website or blog.

The more active you are by posting to your Google + page and replying to posts of others on their Google + page, the higher your business will be in the Google search results.

Google Hangouts – This is a great tool which allows you to connect with anyone anytime using text, video or voice chats, either one-on-one or in a group of up to 10 people.

To be honest with you, I use Buffer to post my articles, blog posts and business tips to Google + but I have never really taken the time to focus on using this social media platform as a part of my marketing arsenal.


Folks, video is the KING of content. Research has proven across ALL social media platform that people will engage with your post if it’s in the form of a video.

As much as I like to talk and engage with people, I shied away from creating videos for a long time, even though a goal setting video got quite a few views on YouTube and tons of views on Facebook.

For the most part, I’ve been using YouTube as a place to store my videos for the e-BlackWomenNetwork website. However, I am now focusing on creating series videos which are short videos covering a specific topic, such as deciding on your target market or how to set and achieve a goal.

YouTube is now owned by Google so you have to have a Google account to get a YouTube account. Here are a few tips to make your videos accessible to your target market:

1. Search for popular videos in your industry and notice the keywords used to describe those videos then incorporate those keywords in your video’s title, tags and description.

2. Customize your YouTube channel by taking some time to brand the channel to resemble your website (colors, tone, feel).

3. Add your website address at the beginning of your video description so people can click through to your website!

4. Add calls to action to the description area. Some examples:

    • Join me on Facebook.Subscribe to my videosVisit my blog for more tips.Embed this video on your website (StartUpNation).

5. Remember to promote your video by embedding videos on your website and blog and by posting your video on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Recording Your Videos

I know a lot of marketing gurus tell people to invest in “good quality equipment” which usually equals a lot of money. I use my iPhone 6 and a tripod to make my videos. Check out my welcome video on the e-BlackWomenNetwork home page.

My tripod happened to be designed with a clip for holding small video recorders and my iPhone fits perfectly in the clip! I learned the hard way, it is better, more natural and less nerve wracking to just speak from your heart about what you know. If you are an expert in your industry or you know a lot about whatever it is you are selling, you don’t need a script.

Now, because you may be nervous at the beginning, you can use a tool called Teleprompter so you can read a scrolling message from your phone while it’s on the tripod! I still use this feature sometimes to remind myself of important points I want to mention. If you have an iPhone, you can download a free and a paid ($7) version to your phone from the iTunes store. I’m sure there’s an Android app as well. Well, this wraps up our series on How to Use Social Media to market your business.

Please feel free to drop me a line or join our Facebook group and tell me if this series helped you and also to share how your social media marketing is going.

Please feel free to leave comments below.

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