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The Quick Route to Effective Marketing

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You already know without marketing – consistent marketing, your business will not survive. I think we make marketing harder than it has to be. There are two major keys to marketing; first, start marketing (this may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how difficult this is for home-based business owners) and second, be consistent –keep at it because it will pay off. To market effectively, you must have some systems in place. Systems make the world turn – literally. You - your body is made up of systems – think reproductive, neurological, respiratory, etc.


You probably have a system for fulfilling orders on your website or a system for how you handle emails. If you don’t have a marketing system in place, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice because you are not exposing your business to the maximum amount of people who will buy from you. Okay, so I guess I’ve browbeat you enough and you are convinced that you need a marketing system. So let’s make creating one as painless as possible.


The basis of any good system is that it works, you have documented the steps, and you must be able to measure its effectiveness. If something is not working, tweak it – change it until it does what it’s supposed to do.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend turned me onto a One Page Business Plan template. So, let’s take a look at a One Page Marketing Plan. Before I tell you how to get started, I’d better tell you why this is a great way to kick off or kick start your marketing plan. Here’s why you should use a One Page Marketing Plan:


  • You won’t get discouraged and be tempted to give up because it’s quick to do.

  • You can use it as a “to do” list.

  • When you decide to expand your marketing, the One Page Marketing Plan can be used as a springboard – a starting point.


Okay so let’s get started with preparing your One Page Marketing Plan.


  1. Write down who your target market, also referred to as your niche market. Make your target market as tightly focused as you possibly can.

  2. Decide what your company’s main message is. Why are you in business? What problem does your product or service solve for people? What pain does your product or service relieve?

  3. Decide what marketing materials you are going to need to get your message out to people and educate your target market about why they need you. Will you use teleseminars, newsletters, brochures – what?

  4. Decide how you are going to generate prospective customers (leads). The easiest and most effective way that I have found is to offer a newsletter and have the sign up for on each page of your website. Offer a free gift in exchange for people signing up.

  5. Decide that once you acquire customers, how are you going to get these people to be repeat or long-term customers and what can you do go convince your customers to refer other people to your business.

  6. Create a marketing calendar and write down every single marketing activity you need to do every single day (not week or month but day) to market your business.

Remember, this is a basic, get you started marketing plan. This One Page Marketing Plan is designed to get you moving. A full marketing plan is more detailed and you really need one. A great place to start when you are ready to create your Marketing Plan is

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