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Brand Your Business Like Walmart

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As my granddaughter and I breezed into Wal-Mart to purchase pajamas for an in-school pajama party, the first thing we saw (besides the usual greeter) is the Halloween candy. They had candy lined up for $1 and $1.50 a bag. They were selling no-name lollipops and taffy candy. They were also selling packets of Skittles, mini Baby Ruth candy bars and tiny boxes of Nerds. Did we reach for the no-name lollipops and taffy? Heck no; we snatched up the Skittles, Baby Ruth bars and Nerd packages. Why do you think we did that?

The other candy was probably just as good and kids love sweets so they would have unwrapped it and gobbled it up regardless of the brand. The reason we didn’t reach for the no-brand candy is because we know that the Skittles, Baby Ruth and Nerds candies represents high quality that we have grown to love.

Then we moseyed over to the kids clothing area and begin to compare pajamas. Similar pajamas cost pretty much the same and they were all quite cute. I told my granddaughter to round up 3 sets of pajamas and that she could choose one. We go through this drill all the time by the way. She continued to be drawn to the pajamas that were a part of an ensemble – a certain look – a certain color. She selected pink and purple pajamas with well-known characters gracing the front of the top but she also picked up a pair of pajamas that didn’t have a famous teenager on the front but were pink and purple.

As I stood there watching the poor child trying to choose one pair of pajamas, I thought “Wal-Mart is no different from the companies and small businesses owners that I help and my granddaughter is not different than the customers than small business customers.” Or are they? Let’s see …

You have:

• A product or service that is every bit as good and valuable as Wal-mart • You fix a problem or change the quality of life for your customers as much if not more than Wal-Mart After that, it can break down for small businesses and home-based businesses.

You may not have:

• Consistent imaging (e.g., business card, website, brochures, leave-behind, product packaging, etc.) • The deep understanding of how to communicate “the brand” of your business that can translate to your entire support team/staff.

And most importantly, what most entrepreneurs tend to forget or, sadly, never deeply establish:

• A huge, non-wavering belief in what you are bringing to people. You have just as much of this as the people who created Wal-Mart. They just have more practice at it and had enough vision to seek knowledge and bring in partners to help them grow and communicate it.

These last two points are crucial to your business success and easier to address than you think. Simply: • Keep up the value of your service and product AND • Adopt a brand mindset!

Branding is an important component of your marketing campaign. It is imperative for entrepreneurs to gain the power of branding. You CAN have big business success no matter what size you are right now.

The next time you go to the store (any store) to purchase something, pause and consider this:

1. Think about the reasons you buy the things you buy, and

2. See how you can apply those reasons to your business.

Well, my granddaughter and I left with the cutest pink and purple High School Musical pajamas and super delicious candy. You can position your business to be the product that people naturally reach out to when they need the products and services you are selling too!

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