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Unstuck. Unstoppable. Free Course

Here’s what’s included in the course:

LESSON 1: Is your business or career in line with your dreams?
LESSON 2: Am I suffering from low self-esteem or low self-worth?
LESSON 3: Have you become apathetic?
LESSON 4: How to tell if I’m suffering from people pleasing disease.
LESSON 5: How to tell if you don’t believe you can have what you say you really want.
LESSON 6: How to tell if you are stuck and afraid or unable to move forward.
LESSON 7: How to tell if you are suffering from intimacy issues with yourself and others.
LESSON 8:  How to tell if you are suffering from feelings of powerlessness.
LESSON 9:  How to tell if you are suffering from lack of self-love and appreciation. 
LESSON 10: How to tell you are suffering from the inability to surrender.
LESSON 11: How to tell if you are suffering from the fear of being alone.

 7 Step Success Course for Women Entrepreneurs

Here are the seven (7) lessons (great stuff!):

Lesson 1:  Get Your Mind Right Girl!
Lesson 2:  Start With the End in Mind
Lesson 3:  Develop a Powerful Strategy
Lesson 4:  Show Me the Money!
Lesson 5:  Market As if Your Life Depends on It
Lesson 6:  Become the Leading Expert in Your Industry
Lesson 7:  Focus on Back End Marketing