I earned a Certificate in Personal Development Coaching from the CaPP Institute which is an International Coach Federation approved program.


Business Related

  • If you are on the fence about starting a new business because you don't have the money, time or expertise, I am proof that you can definitely start a business with limited resources because I've created several successful businesses with little or no money and limited time because I started these businesses while working a full time job! I know how to use sweat equity to launch a business and can teach you to do the same.

  • I am extremely technologically savvy and taught myself how to use technology to grow my home-based, online business and can help you do the same.

  • Most of the time what's holding us back and keeping us stuck are mindset issues. I can help you address and overcome those issues because I've overcome them myself.

  • Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and if you don't effectively market your business, you won't be in business long. I possess a Graduate Certification in Digital Marketing and can show you how to effectively market your business using social media and other marketing tools.

  • If you are overwhelmed, I can help you step out of overwhelm and into inspired action. It’s time to get unstuck and shift from surviving to thriving.

  • I am a goal-achieving ninja and I can help you create a vision for your business, goals to help you achieve that vision, and a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

  • I tap into the heartbeat of your business - YOU! No more hiding and playing small. Embrace your unique power, show up and show out!

  • I can teach you how to package and deliver real value to your audience so that they find your offers irresistible.

  • I will help you get back to why you started your business in the first place. Freedom, flexibility and financial abundance. And Fun!

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Life Related

  • If you are struggling with self-doubt, fear and procrastination and the ability to achieve huge goals in spite of obstacles, I can help you because I have overcome those same obstacles.

  • I am courageous and a believer in setting BIG goals which scare you! Check this out: Because I could an affordable dream house in Florida, I packed up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and am currently living in my dream 3,000 square foot home! I can show you how to set and achieve your BIG goals.

  • As a college Student Counselor and Academic Advisor, I developed an extremely strong intuitive sense about how to help people become the best version of themselves.

  • If you believe that you can't bounce back after a financial crisis, I am proof that you can overcome financial setbacks and thrive. I have overcome financial crisis' such as bankruptcy, foreclosure and car repossession and am now financially comfortable.

  • If you are going through a life transition such as divorce, break up or a loss of a job, I can help you because I have survived more than one painful divorce and have successfully reinvented myself several times.

  • I accomplished a long-held dream of self-publishing a book for women on how to spot the wrong man and how to view failed relationships as gifts. The title of the book is Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces. It's widely available everywhere (Amazon, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble).


  • Master’s Degree in Education - Nova Southeastern University

  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing - Walden University

  • Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design & Technology - Walden University