Dear Smart Woman,

A thriving, positive business is possible and if a successful business is what you really want, you can have it.

It’s going to take work – a lot of hard work (don’t let anyone tell you any differently) but if you make building your business a major priority in your life, I’m telling you girl, it will work!

Here’s the thing though.  Just like you wouldn’t try to build a skyscraper without a foundation, you don’t want to start to build a business with a foundation.  Developing your business model is to your business what a foundation is to a skyscraper.

During this eBook course, I show you how to develop your business model.

We will cover the FIVE (5) key components that you MUST include in your business model:

  1. A solid business vision
  2. Defining your target market
  3. Zeroing in on YOUR expertise
  4. The programs, products, services you will offer
  5. Uncovering/discovering resources available to you

Many entrepreneurs (myself included) want to just dive in and start the darn business!  I learned the hard way that this is not the way to build a business, especially an online business where the competition is so thick these days.  Your stuff has got be tight and you gotta be on your game girl!

Don’t let the $9.97 price tag fool you either!  I could easily charge $50 or more for this eBook course but my goal in making this course SO affordable is that I really want you to stop procrastinating and move forward.  Things won’t be perfect and you don’t need perfection – you need ACTION.  This course is designed to make you take action.   It is becoming clearer every day that we cannot depend on the government or Corporate America to better or economic situation.  You will only build wealth through a business.  You will only leave a legacy of serving thousands or maybe even millions through a business.  It is time for you to launch and build your business.