A Woman's Guide to Starting an

Online Business

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If you have been on the fence, hemming and hawing about whether you have what it takes to start a business, this guide will get you off the fence you smart, beautiful woman you!

Oftentimes, people know they want to start a business but are not sure of what business to start.  Sometimes people know what business they want to start but aren't too sure about who their target market is.  There are a lot of different scenarios as to why you may have been hesitating about following your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here's what's included in the course:

STEP 1:  Decide On a Business Idea

STEP 2:  Identify Who Owns the Problem (this is your target market)

STEP 3:  Funding Your Start Up

STEP 4:  Brand Your Business

STEP 5:  Make It Legal

STEP 6:  Marketing Your New Business

Sometimes all a girl needs is just to see some steps laid out in front of her and she can just go for it.  Here's the thing though; I don't want you to not launch your business because you are fearful that you cannot do it or that you doubt that anyone will buy your product or service.  That simply is not true!  You've just got to have a strategy and plan to work your strategy.  This guide will help you get started.

I'm a certified Business and Life Coach and I can also help you.  In fact that's what I specialize in - helping women start a home-based business.