Group Coaching


Group Coaching

Everyone is on a different journey in life and in business. The sooner you recognize that and embrace it, the more you’ll make the right decisions for yourself, where you are and, most importantly, where you’re going. Investing in one-on-one coaching with a good, experienced and reputable coach usually requires a substantial financial investment that many women can't afford, especially if they are just launching or are in the pre-launching stage of a new business.  Not to mention that your other bills keep arriving in your mailbox every month. 

That’s what makes group coaching a powerful choice for getting your business off the ground, or for or achieving a major life goal while breezing past obstacles that have kept you stuck for way too long. In a group program, you don’t have the benefit of having a coach focus solely on you. But you get a lot of other value that you need at different stages of your business and life. Some of these benefits will continue to bless you far beyond that initial coaching experience.

 Lower Cost

In group coaching, you’re sharing the coach with a group of other people–helping to spread out the cost a bit. The downside is that you don’t have the consistent direct access to the coach, but some of the other benefits of a group program can deflect this.

Greater Camaraderie

In group coaching sessions, people often find that even despite vastly different experiences and goals, they share many of the same patterns, paradigms, fears and blocks – as well as comparable passion about their goals and dreams!


There is also greater accountability in group coaching sessions, and clients often discover and cultivate amazing bonds with other clients and end up forming accountability partnerships.

Accelerated Growth

One of the wonderful things about group coaching sessions is that you don’t just learn from me, you will learn from other members of the group! Listening to one another woman's experiences and offering each other feedback can actually help you experience breakthroughs more quickly.

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