Help Me Get Started PLEASE

Coaching Program

This one (1) month program is designed for the brand new female entrepreneur who knows what business  she wants to start but is unsure of what to do first or what to do next.  You may be stuck because:

  • You know there's a lot that needs to get done but you have no idea what to do first
  • You are paralyzed into inaction because you feel overwhelmed
  • You want someone to support you and hold you accountable
  • You need help sorting out all the moving parts 

Here's what we will cover:

Week 1:    We will focus on your Self-Development as an entrepreneur and we will create a Vision for Your Business.

Week 2:    We will decide upon exactly what you are selling (it’s not always what you think).  You may think you’re selling coaching services, makeup, cakes or virtual assistance services but you are also selling an experience!  People buy based on the experience your product or service provides!

We will also decide who your target market and niche markets are; there is a distinct difference between the two and you’ll learn why and how to decide upon each.  You’ll also learn why you should consider forming a movement around your product or service.

Week 3:    We will focus on legally establishing your business structure and uncover ways to creatively finance your start up.

Week 4:    We will focus on free and low cost marketing strategies you can implement right away to draw your niche market, including the importance of social media profiles.

We will also focus on the importance of consistent and persistent action and create a plan of action to keep you moving forward.

Here's what's included:

  • 30 minute start up call to discuss your needs and goals.
  • 4 - 45 minute coaching calls (via Zoom or phone).
  • 4 weekly lessons including worksheets and templates.
  • Personalized homework and action tasks weekly.
  • Priority access to me via email twice a week for the entire month (this helps keep you on track between sessions!).

Here's what you will walk away with:

  • A vision plan for your business and a clear, easy to understand and implement strategy for making the vision a reality.
  • A clear understanding on exactly what you are selling (it's not always what you think) and who needs and wants what you are selling (your niche market).
  • Knowledge of where to find your ideal customers and how to draw them to you.
  • A legal structure for your business (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation).
  • Knowledge of things you can do to build and market your business even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money.
  • Social media profiles on at least two (2) social media platforms and a knowledge of what to post on those platforms to get the attention of your ideal customer.
  • A plan of action to help you stay on track so that you can scale your business.

How it works:

  • I only accept people in this one-on-one coaching program by application.  So, if you want to work with me please click the pink "Click Here to Apply to Work With Me" button below.
  • Once you complete the application, I'll send you an email with 24 business hours to let you know that you've been accepted into the program.  
  • I will provide you with a link where you can submit payment and schedule our first session.