Carmin Wharton knows first hand from hard won experience how to reinvent yourself, create balance in your life and live authentically!  Even though her mother was a school principal and her aunts were all teachers, Carmin dropped out of college after one year to get married.  In fact, many of her poor or not well thought out life decisions were tied to toxic relationships with men.  Eventually she found herself as the single parent of two children and back home living with her parents.  She was able to get back on her feet and build a house.  However, another bad relationship decision caused her financial ruin - bankruptcy, foreclosure, car repossession - you name it!   She and her children were even homeless for awhile. Fast forward - after a great career in higher education, Carmin is now a certified life and business coach to women, has a Master's Degree and owns her dream 3,000 square foot home in Atlanta, GA.  Her children turned out great too - one is an insurance professional and the other is a Hollywood actor.

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