On Your Terms

I'm Carmin Wharton

I am a Certified Life and Business Coach. I know what it’s like to have really big dreams.  I also know what it’s like not having enough self-confidence to take action to bring those dreams to life. I also know what it’s like to be stuck smack dab in the middle of fear.  For years, I floundered working at jobs that I really didn’t love or if I did love the job, the pay was not good.

Can you relate?

Or, maybe you’ve always had a dream of owning you own business, building your own brand, going back to school, writing a book or finally transitioning to become a full time entrepreneur. I want you to know that IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!  I believe that you can do and become anything you desire.  You can accomplish your dreams.

Meet Carmin

Following a very painful divorce, I found myself struggling to earn a living for me and my two children.  This struggle included having to file bankruptcy, foreclosure and car repossession!  For a period of time, my children and I were homeless and had to live with a friend.

At various jobs, it was not uncommon for women to gather around my desk seeking advice for one life issue or another. This happened at every job!   Eventually I realized that the things I had lived through equipped me with the God-given skill of empowering and motivating women.

Would you believe that as I worked full-time jobs, I walked around with my book manuscript in a backpack for FIVE years before self-publishing my book?  It’s true; low self-confidence and belief that I should be embarrassed about my many past failed relationships is the reason I walked around with a completed manuscript but was afraid to actually publish the book!  The title of my book is Lessons Learned:  While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces.

Another thing I did over the years was when I would get sick and tired of being looked over for promotions or earning a small salary attached to a fancy sounding job title, was to start businesses. Having owned a successful cake decorating business, a ladies suit and accessory business and an event planning firm, I know the challenges you are facing starting and sustaining a home-based business.

Because funds were limited, I had to teach myself everything about starting a business and self-publishing.  I also taught herself things like how to: build a website from scratch, how to build a mailing list and set up social media profiles.  I taught myself how to set up the legal structure of my business – an LLC.  Would you believe that I even taught myself how to prepare a book manuscript for publishing?  And after I self-published the book, I figured out how to get my book in online retail outlets like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and public libraries.

At the age of 38, I returned to school and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.  I earned this degree in one year while juggling the demands of single parenthood. Nine years later I returned to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Education.  I earned this degree in one year while working a 50 hour a week demanding state university job. I completed my Personal Coaching certification through the CaPP Institute.

One might say that I’m a late bloomer.  In my 50s I took a leap of faith, followed my dream of owning a beautiful home and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.  In Atlanta, I am surrounded by extended family and my roommate is my Black Lab/Pit Bull, Miss Dora. As you can see, it is never too late to build a dream life or start a profitable business!

Even though they were raised in a single parent home (with a LOT of love and help from my parents), my kids turned out well.  My daughter is an insurance claims professional and my son is an actor.  I’m also proud that I wear the title of “Grandma” to my only grandchild, Nia.