This program is designed for the woman who knows or suspects she has a purpose – a reason she was sent to live among us at this time.  This woman is very passionate about making a change in the world either through a business or non-profit.


Are you ready to break through limiting beliefs and finally develop a business that aligns with who you really are and what you were sent here to do; which will also allow you the freedom and flexibility to live the life that you truly desire?

Uncovering or re-discovering your purpose and your passion will help you do just that!  

Once you discover what you purpose and passion 

This course will:

  • Help you uncover your purpose and passion.
  • Show you how you can make money from your purpose and passion.
  • Walk you through identifying your target market.
  • Help you decide which business model is best for you.
  • Help you create your story that your target market will be able to connect with.
  • Tell you why, once you uncover your purpose and passion, you must act quickly.

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