Renew You - Love Your Life

90 Day Coaching Program!


You want to get unstuck and you want to become unstoppable.  You want more from life and you deserve more.  

To help you get unstuck and become unstoppable, this program is designed to help you take stock, clear out the clutter and get re-energized about your life.

The Renew You, Love Your Life! One-on-One Coaching Course will help you do just that.

Here is what’s included in this powerful program:

Month 1

  • You will set and achieve meaningful short term goals.

  • You will take stock of your life as it is now.

  • You will discover what makes your heart sing.

  • You will start taking action steps that will place you on the path to the life you desire.

Month 2

  • You will "spring clean" your life.

  • You will be able to let go of what no longer serves you.

  • You will review your relationships.

  • You will discover what is zapping your energy, preventing you from pursuing your goals.

Month 3

  • You will identify your “spark team” – those people who support, encourage and inspire you!

  • You will establish supportive daily habits which will continue to propel you forward.

Here's how we will work:

  • Together we’ll set three (3) goals you want to establish during our time together.

  • We will meet once a week for 3 months/90 days/13 sessions.

  • You will complete homework (specific tools and exercises) that will help you renew and love your life.

This Program is Offered in One-on-One and Group Format*

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, please click the pink "Apply Now" button.  I only accept one-on-one coaching clients after they complete an application.

*If you are interested in group coaching for this program, no application is required.  Group coaching costs less than one-on-one coaching and is very effective!  Click here to learn more.