I combine my formal training - B.A. in Sociology and  M.S. in Education with the latest cutting-edge techniques and tools from positive psychology to develop a step-by-step plan for you that’s structured, action-oriented, and totally focused on your desired outcomes.

With my 100% personalized assistance, we’ll work together to transform any areas of your life or business that you want to improve.

Using a caring and non-judgmental environment of support and encouragement, I start by helping you get crystal clear about what you really want now.

Once we create a vision of what you want to accomplish, I’ll help you break through any stubborn blocks that have kept you stuck (sometimes for years).  We will then shift your mindset in ways you may never thought were possible.  Once your mindset has shifted, you will become unstoppable!

Most of my coaching sessions are done over the phone or via Zoom. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, or wherever, because I can conveniently work with you from just about anywhere.

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What differentiates me and my coaching from others?

A Personal Touch

No one likes working with a professional on an important issue and feeling like they are just a number or they are a means to an end merely to profit the professional.

For me, coaching isn’t just a service or something I do.  Coaching women is my purpose and my passion and it's about relationship.  Without exception, I treat every client the way I would like to be treated -  with dignity, respect and integrity.

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is vital to developing a strong coaching relationship. When you engage with a coach, you should never feel hesitant to communicate honestly with them.

Life Experience

I have personally lived through, learned through and survived many challenges facing women today in life and in business.

Life-wise, I have experienced divorce, financial distress (bankruptcy, foreclosure, car repossession).  I have been a single parent juggling a full-time job while attending college.  I have struggled with fears, doubt and procrastination.  I have faced health issues which threatened to sideline me.  Through my faith in God and myself, determination and a wonderful support system, I have overcome all of these life challenges.

Business-wise, I have started a number of successful businesses from my home using plain old sweat equity!  I have owned a successful event planning firm, a ladies suit and accessory business and a cake decorating business.  I taught myself how to build websites, how to market, how to create newsletters, business strategy and how to zero in on my target market.  I am the self-published author of a book, Lessons Learned:  While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces.  The book is widely available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major book retailers.

Professional Training

Anyone can call themselves a coach. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unqualified ‘coaches’ out there who have never been trained to coach, have never been coached themselves and have little to no idea how to help their clients get optimal results.

As a certified life coach I offer you experience which comes from the rigorous training required to become certified as a personal coach.  You have at your disposal an experienced ally who’s fully committed to your success.

In addition to having a B.A. in Sociology and an M.S. in Education, I also earned a personal coach certification from the CaPP Institute, a top-notch coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

The CaPP Institute is dedicated to preserving the integrity of coaching and has set the highest standard for the profession. What this really means is that I’m bound by a code of ethics that ensures I will always have your best interests at heart. The CaPP Institute believes that the best coaches, whether in sports, business or life, possess key skills and insights that enable them to help their clients, team members, and others more consistently achieve their objectives.


Are we a good fit?

As you’re probably aware, there are tens of thousands of Life and Business Coaches available. We all have different skill sets and areas of expertise, and our approaches and styles can range from similar to completely different.

Therefore, after reading the two lists below, if you think we would resonate with each other, then we should talk.

We’ll work well together and you’ll see positive results if…

You are currently stuck and as badly as you want to achieve your goal and live your dream life, you can’t seem to move past where you are now.

You are destined for great things but you are having a little trouble on your journey to greatness.

You are a high achieving woman who dreams of finally being able to achieve a goal that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

You are a smart woman who is seeking guidance and clarity, not someone to do the work for you!

You understand the importance of investing time and money in yourself and your future and are committed to taking action to make things happen.

You are ready to live an abundant life – unapologetically!

We probably won't be a good fit for each other if ...

A woman who does not want to do the work to achieve the goal.

A woman who is a complainer and who blames others for what she doesn’t like in her life.

A woman who is not willing to invest in herself and her dream.

You think life is unfair and the world owes you something.

You have serious commitment issues in terms of keeping your word and not doing things you promise to do.

You have deep psychological problems or trauma that’s affecting your ability to function well or you believe you have clinical depression, severe anxiety, or addiction issues that aren’t being treated by a medical professional.